Hydrogen energy

The global low-carbon technology diffusion, energy efficiency and climate policy give rise to hydrogen energy development.
GasChem Engineering offers technical solutions for hydrogen fueling stations and power generation units adapted to hydrogen energy storage

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Competitive edge:

Hydrogen fueling stations
for UAV and motor vehicles

10 nm3/hr
2,5 х 1 х 1,8 m
Commercial solution for UAVs and autonomous power plants
100 nm3/hr
6 х 2,4 х 2,6 m
Commercial solution for vehicles
We have successfully put a hydrogen fueling station into pilot operation (hydrogen yield: 1 nm3/hr)
We are currently working on a blockchain-based decentralized control system for hydrogen fueling stations. There is also a swarm control system for UAV fueling stations underway, which will allow saving time and improving supply chain efficiency.

Power generation for small- and medium-sized deposits, and autonomous power supply for civil facilities

Gsschem Engineering supplies hydrogen plants with a capacity from 1 nm3/h to 1500 nm3/h.

Composition of a hydrogen power generation unit:

More detailed information on the technical solutions offered you will find on the website of Gaschem Engineering hydrofuel.ru