Petrochemistry and Catalysis

We develop and license state-of-the-art solutions for deeper hydrocarbon processing and production of basic organic synthesis products based on sustainable chemistry principles

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Avenues for research

  • Oxygenate production technology and catalysts
  • End-to-end solutions for natural and associated petroleum gas processing
  • Conversion of natural gas liquids into high modulus zeolite motor fuels
  • Conversion of methanol into dimethyl ether (MTE), synthetic gasoline (MTG) or olefins (MTO/MTE/MTP)
  • Hydrocracking and hydroconversion of petroleum fractions to produce motor fuels and C33
  • Study of hydrocarbon processing under supercritical conditions and development of in-situ regeneration processes
  • Regeneration of heterogeneous refining or petrochemistry catalysts using supercritical fluids
  • Isobutane alkylation by olefins with heterogeneous catalysts
  • Producing intermediate petrochemical products from gas raw materials
  • New technologies for isoprene and isobutylene production
  • Ethane and propane dehydrogenation

Ongoing projects